is the creator behind the Detroit brand

BillionaireByConfidence (BxC). Before BxC, Blake’s goal

was to create a brand with a unique sense of clothing designs paired with high quality

product that would give every customer a sense of confidence once dressed. 


BxC was then born on March 3, 2016 a month before Blake graduated from Western Michigan University with a Business Management and Marketing degree. During his journey, Blake’s grandfather gave him a new motive that pushed him to fully commit to the Entrepreneur lifestyle. And just before his grandfathers untimely death, he told Blake, “sometimes you have to do what a man has to got to do, I’m proud of you always grandson.”


BxC’s highest priority is to expand its brand to new heights daily and eventually reach the pinnacle of global status; stopping is not an option. It is BxC’s mission to keep designs fresh and it’s quality superior to customers liking. For a lifetime guarantee, you’ll always shop different. Your wardrobe will thank you. #BxC #WeHere .